Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blueberry Summer

I both love and hate August. I love it because it means I still have one month before I go back to work, and hate it for the same reason.

My days recently have been a mess of frantically busy days and lazy slow days. I am either running around, to the gym, to the pound, to recycling, to different events - either socially or for our rescue group, or I am ensconced on our couch, windows open to the breeze if there is one, reading the day away. On days like that, I usually fall asleep as well. I have been eating alot of blueberries, yogurt and granola, usually for breakfast and lunch. My friend Jennifer, her son James, and I went blueberry picking the other day, where I picked two pints of blueberries (I think they were pints - they were big baskets). They have been sustaining me since then. Chrissy told me they are good frozen too, I am going to try that today. By the end of the summer I may look like Violet Beauregarde.

I think I have been taking lessons from Penny and Maggie - either they are sound asleep, flopped wherever they are comfortable, or they are racing around at top speed. Maggie will be sleeping on the table in a ray of sunshine, and an hour later be doing laps around our house that would put Speed Racer to shame. Penny loves to sleep on the couch when she is not outside; once outside she is a different dog, running so fast her back legs almost stumble her by overtaking her front legs! I read that English Setters and other breeds with strong hunting drives conserve energy when not outside on the hunt. Instictively, they save their energy for when they are hunting, when it is necessary for them to have reserves of energy. I like to think that is what my afternoons of reading and napping are about- just me saving energy, for when I need it the most.


  1. That kitty picture is so cute! Have you tried the Fudgy Wudgy Blueberry Brownies recipe from Veganomicon?

  2. No, I haven't tried them! I will have to make them this weekend, they sound fantastic!

    BTW I finished Eat Pray Love, and loved it. My favorite part was when she was in India.

  3. Another very nice and heartfelt life story my friend. By the way, frozen bluberries are very good. I always buy a lot in the summer and freeze them for winter. Just put them loosly in a zip lock bag and lay them flat in your freezer. Some say don't wash before freezing but I always do and not a problem. After they are in the freezer a few hourse just shuffle them around and they will not stick to one another. I love blueberries also.


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