Thursday, September 23, 2010

After the Party..

I can't believe I am still recuperating from my busy but fun weekend! It was actually a fantastic weekend, apart from missing Billy, who was backpacking in Manistee.

First, I won a ticket from Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe to the No Beast Feast, a fundraiser for the Friends of the Dearborn Animal Shelter. Chrissy went with me, and we had a fabulous time. We ate hearty, comforting vegan food (bet you never thought that could happen!) such as Mushroom Barley Soup, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, and an apple chocolate spice cake that I could have eaten two pieces of! We learned about the vegan way of eating, saw the cutest Maine Coon cat named Smitty, who is available for adoption by the way, and even won again. I won a door prize of three cookbooks, that I can't wait to dive into. Thanks S. for giving me the opportunity to check out this great fundraiser, I can't wait for next year.

Saturday brought PAWS in the Park, the fundraiser for my own animal rescue group, PAWS of Michigan. PAWS in the Park is a party for dog lovers, with a dog walk, raffle, adoption area, pet psychic, dog games, among other things. I attended this event as a volunteer, and still had a great time. I went to the pet psychic, who gave me insight into the craziness of Penny, and I won again!! This time I won a loaf of bread a month for a year from Panera, and a $50 gift certificate to Blackfinn. I hope they have something I can eat! Sunday I went to my adorable cousin's first birthday party, what a day! She could have a future as a rocker, she really demolished her Mickey ears and was smearing cake on her parents lol! Wild child!

I also attended book club number 2 this week- we talked about One Thousand Splendid Suns. And I have to say, I have to talk about something that has just been stuck in my mind since then. We were talking about Mariam, and her love for Aziza, Laila's daughter. I mentioned that although she lost many babies herself, she was fulfilled later by caring for and loving Aziza. Another person at book club, who is my friend, said that this is not the same as having her own child, since Aziza wasn't actually hers. As someone who is adopting, I took this comment somewhat offensively. This is probably the hardest part of adopting, the thoughtless insensitivity of other people, because I am sure if J. would have thought about what he was saying, he wouldn't have said it in that manner. I also had someone ask me this weekend that if I adopted a child who was Muslim, if I would have to raise the baby Muslim. For one thing, that is none of their concern, and so what anyway? I just told her that once we adopt, the baby is ours, like our real own child, that we can raise however we want. We are not borrowing the baby, it is not temporary nor do we have to share- the child will be ours alone. And we are going to love our child and care for our future adopted child just as anyone else does their birth children.
***I would like to add that I have since spoken with J. and he deeply regrets saying anything that would hurt my feelings. It is not how he meant his comment, and he does believe that a family that became a family through adoption is able to have the same love as a family with birth children.


  1. Wow, what a weekend indeed! That vegan feast sounds great and what a great door prize to get sent home with...I just ordered a veggie slow cooker cook book and a quick vegan meals cookbook as well, looking forward to those. Although we are not vegan (or even vegetarian) neither of us are eating dairy (he because of lactose intolerance and me because of a nursing baby that doesn't appear to handle it well) and I have to say if I do make the leap to veggie, I would have a hard time not going all the way just because of the similarity in reasons for both...but I digress.
    It's unfortunate that people see adoption like that...I guess they don't understand that adopted children are the luckiest of all, they were wanted by people who searched for them for the sole purpose to love and care for them. Unfortunately that is SO much more than a lot of birth parents are willing to do!! You are two of the most caring individuals I know and will be great parents to at least one lucky child in this world...I look forward to seeing your family grow! xoxo

  2. EXACTLY on the adoption thing! Once you sign on the dotted line, That baby is yours to love and cherish and ground for life when they start sass talking;) Love you guys!

  3. I did not know you won the ticket!!! Did you meet Sherry, Sandy, Lisa and Nicole?

  4. Pam, thank you for your vote of confidence- I am sure I will be hitting you up for advice in the future one day! And I can't do vegan - although I have great respect for everyone who does. I just love cheese too much. :(
    Thanks Mary! :)
    Jennifer, I won an extra ticket, it was awesome! I met Sherry and Sandy, but not Lisa or Nicole. Sherry and Sandy are very nice, and made me feel very welcome! I saw your brother there too!


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