Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Blizzard Coming..

This is the storm with many names..Snowzilla..Snowtorious B.I.G....Snowpocalypse. The list goes on and on. I like to call it the Blizzard that Ate the World, personally. It is currently snowing like a son of a out there, and I am waiting for Billy and our neighbor Greg to get back from Meijer with a spark plug for the snow blower.

The past few days have been a little crazy around here, gearing up for the storm. Everyone asking, will we get the snow? Will it happen? Running to the store to get supplies and whatever else they feel they need. I didn't go to the store, but I did come up with an emergency plan in case we lose power and heat - thanks to my dad, a full time Red Cross volunteer in the Disaster Services Department, I always have to come up with an emergency plan. My plan is simple : if the power goes out and we don't have heat, we will pack up the animals and head to my aunt's house, and her giant living room and fireplace. She could probably pack our whole family in there to keep us all warm. It would actually probably be kind of fun - I can see all of us with beds of blankets on the floor, talking, drinking, laughing, little Chloe dancing. But I am hoping it doesn't come to this, I would rather stay in my own home, cuddled up here. But it is good to have a plan.

In a minute I am going to make an overnight French Toast Casserole , that sounds like the perfect thing for tomorrow morning. And then I am going to read The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder - I might even read it to Billy while I am at it. It is just a Little House on the Prairie kind of night, in weather and in spirit.


  1. Beautiful Erin, I am not fond of this winter weather and am longing for Spring. The French Toast Casserole sure sounds good and perfect for a freezing winter morning. I am happy I took off work tomorrow. Have a warm and cozy night my friend.

  2. Thanks Fluff ~ I recommend you trying the casserole one day, it was delicious! I am glad you were home today as well, it was a good day to stay home with your animals.


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