Friday, March 11, 2011

Adventures in Lego Land

I am pretty excited about a new development in my life. Not too long ago, the editor of the Wyandotte Patch asked me if I would be willing to be a freelance photographer, filling in on stories as needed. I of course said yes! So far I have shot Third Friday in Wyandotte events, and a few animal shelter events, which of course were near and dear to my heart.

This last shoot was a blast! I shot photos of a children's lego contest. It was a gray and nasty day outside, totally uninspiring and blah. Inside the library however, were bright colors, laughter and creativity, some of my favorite things. The kids did such a great job, and it was pretty cool to see kids playing and building with legos at the library, in this time of video games. I felt such a renewed hope for our future! Please, check out the rest of my photos of this fun event ~ it will be a two part photo series. The first is of the kids building, and the second, unpublished one is of the finished projects. If you live in the area, pop on by to vote for your favorite!

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  1. Love the photo you posted here and what a fun assignment!


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