Sunday, November 6, 2011

Down and Out

October is my favorite month- I love autumn, the brisk weather, the colorful leaves on the trees, pumpkins, apples, the end of the ban on soup in my home, Halloween.  But this year I missed October.  I am thankful Billy and I took an early trip to the orchard, or else I would have never gone this month. 

At the beginning of the month, Billy and I went to Mackinaw for a weekend trip.  It was the first time we had been away together since we had visited California two years ago, and we had a blast! The weather was chilly in the morning, but soon warmed up.  Our favorite part of the trip was exploring the Mill Creek Park, hiking around, talking to ranger people- and zip lining. The only part of our trip that was not so cool? The restaurants were terrible!!! The only food we ate that was any good was the pizza at Mama Mia's- we should have just eaten there the entire time. And our breakfast from the bakery was fine too, but they were just bagel sandwiches. So the food was the only drag on our trip.

However, a week after we got back, I got sick. For a month! I had bronchitis, strep throat, fevers, wheezing, cold, flu- it seemed I had it all!  I am starting to feel better now, just have some muscle weakness and fatigue, but I am assuming that is the result of being sick for four whole weeks.  I just can't believe that this whole month, all I did was work when I could, read (I read 20 books!), sleep, and watch tv.  Thank goodness I felt well enough to have people over for book club! That would have really been the clincher for a crappy October. At least now I can start to get back to my normal self. Just slowly, apparently.

November is off to a better start so far- Billy and I went to the Union Woodshop to celebrate our 11th anniversary.  I had read about it, and knew that Billy had been wanting pulled pork like he had when he was a kid, and I was hoping that the Woodshop would deliver. His mom grew up in North Carolina, and that was the taste he has been craving. After an hour drive there, we were excited to eat - then we walked in and were told that it was a 90 minute wait! We walked up and down the two block street, hoping to kill time, and wandered into the Union General, a store owned by the restaurant.  Billy bought us each pumpkin pie macarons, and they were fabulous, and I am now on a mission for him to reproduce them in our kitchen. We finally got a seat, and were happy we waited.  I had the macaroni and cheese, which was amazing. But I was happiest that Billy was in love with his meal.  He said it was perfect, just like the stuff he had eaten as a child.  We also had fun tasting the array of bbq sauces on the table. You will have to check out his blog to read his review.  We are making plans to go back soon.  I have heard the sweet potato black bean burrito is amazing as well. 

So, I am hoping that November can be a healthier, happier month.  It is off to a good start!  


  1. I was so sorry Erin that you were so sick for so long. I am glad you are finally feeling better. Take some time to get stronger and you will be back to normal soon. I am happy you had such a good time at the Union Woodshop dinner with Billy. Great choice and the pumpkin pie macaroons sound sooooo good. Let me know when you have them perfected and a recipe. Love pumpkin pie anything. Surely continue to hold you and Billy in my prayers. Hugs being sent your way☺♥


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