Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Day the Falls Stood Still - Not a book review!

Hostess: Kelly
Book:The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan
Food: Little cheese tarts that were amazing, cake, Vegetarian Lasagna, Cannoli Cake
Wine of the Night: The Big Red Monster
Month: December

I am going to start this by being honest. I didn't read this book, this time for book club. December was a crazy month for me- and will probably be the subject of another blog. This is the first time in the existence of our book club I haven't finished the book. I am disappointed in myself for that, but I will read it! Maybe I will read it today - everyone who did read it, loved it.

This book club was a special holiday book club. This year we decided to exchange handmade gifts for each other, and I loved it! It was so exciting to see how creative my friends are, and I loved everything I received.

From Kelly and Chrissy: Kelly knitted us all warm, thick scarves, and Chrissy made everyone arm warmers from wool sweaters, felting the wool herself. (Miso and Marlow both tried to get into this picture as well, as you can see.)

From Karin and Jennifer: Karin made us each bookmarks with our names, and candles - mine smells cozy and spicy, like pumpkin pie. Jennifer made us all bracelets, with individually chosen center buttons- I love my thistle! (Another difficult photo to take - see Maggie's whiskers in the side of the shot? She kept trying to steal my bracelet!)

From Mary, Jill, Alyssa and I: Mary made cute Christmas recipe boxes and recipe cards, with a few wintry recipes- I am looking forward to trying Snow Cream! Jill made us all homemade Baileys, which I am actually sipping in my coffee right now. Yum. I made everyone Pomegranate Jam. I unfortunately can't show you a photo of Alyssa's - I ate it already! Alyssa made us each two croissants- one spinach and cheese, the other chocolate. They were devoured before I could take a photo, with a little help from Billy.

It was a perfect, simple Christmas exchange. It was about friendship and thoughtfulness, creativity and Christmas spirit. I had a great night with friends, sipping wine, noshing on foodstuffs, and just making memories.

Next book club pick is Alyssa's - The Knockout Artist by Harry Crews.

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