Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A wintry mix of children's books

Today would have been the perfect day to stay home - cold, wet, gray. Instead of snow, we have rain. This type of day calls for some serious couch time with a book and my animals. Instead, I am here at work. Which is not too bad either, really. I get to hang out in the school library and look at the books and help students find authors that they love. Which is pretty cool.

At the beginning of the month, I lined the tops of all the bookshelves with some of our winter and snow themed books. I find it comforting to read old favorites, especially on days like today, and I thought I would share just in case you are interestedin checking them out for your family as well, one wet and cold day.
Owl Moon by Jane Yolen - I love any book with owls, and this is a sweet book about a parent and child's hike through the woods, looking for owls.
Cross Country Cat by Mary Calhoun - Poor little left behind Siamese cat! I love how he uses cross country skis to get around!
The Winter Room by Gary Paulsen - I just love Gary Paulsen. Try Puppies, Dogs and Blue Northers as well.
The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder - I loved these books as a child, and I still love to revisit the world of Little House! Sometimes I think if I need to survive in the wild, I could, having learned all I needed to know from the Ingalls family.
This next one is not an old favorite, but rather a new one. And it is not wintery at all, but is a book that is good for all seasons.
Zen Shorts by Jon Muth - A wise panda breaks down buddhist lessons into a story telling language easy for kids to follow and understand.
What about you? What books from your childhood stand out in your memory, and make for great cozy reading?


  1. I'm sure I've told you this but I signed up for Library the max of 2 semesters in HS just because I love being in a library so much...yea it was an easy A but I loved seeing the new books arrive, organizing (a library really does speak to an Obsessive-Compulsive's soul! :-)) and finding new books among classics.
    Of course, the children's book that is my all-time favorite and which has so many fond memories within my childhood is Charlotte's Web...I STILL cry when Charlotte dies and at 35 and more than a little scared of spiders, I can't for the life of me explain the tears I shed for that loving little spider!

  2. I loved that book too Pam. I think it is one of the reasons I became a vegetarian. And I still cry too..

  3. Great choices!! The Long Winter is the best ever and should be read by all children during a blizzard!!! I love Paulsen too...highly recommend his books to so many students at school!!! And Jane Yolen...I adore her!

  4. I agree Staci - The Long Winter is the perfect book for a child during a snowstorm!


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