Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lavender and Roses

Long time, no write! I would like to say it is because I have been busy traveling the globe or doing exciting things, but unfortunately, that is not the reason. I haven't even really been doing anything cool close to home- I had been busy with work, and then once work was out for the summer, I have been lazily reading. You can read my book reviews if you want on my other blog. :)

I have lately found myself in love with roses and lavender. Two flowers/plants I never would have imagined myself to like, much less love. Too girly, too victorian, too fussy and old. I have always been drawn to the bold happy flowers like sunflowers, daisies, black-eyed susans, and even dandelions. But not roses or lavender. But somehow they have been the basis of my landscaping in the front of our home. And I love it. I have spent the past few days reading about roses, researching new and different roses to buy and plant in our yard, front and back. I am about to order this one, I think it will look fabulous in between two lavender plants. I have this vision of sitting out on my front porch in the evening with Billy and a glass of wine, on my newly painted red 1950s Scallop Chairs, enveloped in the scent of roses and lavender, the evening's cool breeze keeping us not too warm, enjoying the moonlight and stars. In reality, it will probably be muggy and humid and buggy. But we can all dream, right?

I have been reading The Bucolic Plague, which is a fabulous book!! After reading it, I have resolved to try to incorporate more heirloom vegetables in my garden next year. Chrissy has heirloom tomatoes, a Black Krim variety, this summer, and I am looking forward to seeing them, and hopefully trying one. Hint, hint. I am impatiently waiting for our harvests to come in - I can't wait to eat fresh tomatoes, peppers, and all the other goodies we have planted. I have all my canning supplies on hand too, so that I can save and "put up" jams, veggies, salsa, and tomatoes for winter. I am also looking forward to the traditional, yearly blueberry picking I do with my friend Jennifer and her son. That is always fun and the blueberries are so fresh and amazing. It looks like it is going to be a great summer so far!

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