Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Ramblings

Sitting here this morning, waiting. I feel like I am stuck in a rut of planning - like this weird limbo-time where I am just waiting and researching.

I am waiting for the end of the school year - I am ready for lazy mornings. But I do have to do something to fill in the money gaps this summer due to Billy's unemployment. I have some ideas and some applications out there, so I am waiting and seeing. My photography for the Patch (like these silly crazy Alpacas from Saturday's shoot) will help out some, so that is good, and sales from my etsy store. So it is a kind of wait and see situation on this front.

But back to waiting- we are still waiting on our adoption. This is the biggest wait of all. We aren't even waiting for a referral yet, we are waiting to finish our home study. I have faith we will get through this, although sometimes, I feel as we will be waiting forever. We need to wait and see how B.'s business works out - we are researching that and feeling our way through it bit by bit. So those are two waits really - the business and the adoption.

On a lighter note - I am also waiting for my clothes to dry so I can go grocery shopping. But that is a wait I don't really mind.

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