Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life among the animals

This month has been a frustrating one, for me and the animals both. Owning four animals is not always easy. Most of the time it is- sometimes things happen though, that you need to take care of.

Earlier this month, I was really sick for a week- I joked with everyone that I had malaria, but I did have a high fever for four days, and all I did was sleep. My poor husband was a little overwhelmed with all the duties he now had to take over. He did a good job, but one thing was neglected. A very important thing. The cats' litter boxes. The week I was sick, was the week I should have done The Big Clean. You all who own cats know what I mean - the week you completely scour the boxes top to bottom, new litter, etc. When you do this really depends on your cat's level of picky. Mine are picky, but I usually do The Big Clean every two weeks, with scooping every two days. I had also changed the litter box situation, from three boxes to two bigger boxes.

Well, Billy didn't do The Big Clean. I am not sure he even scooped. I was unconscious, and it wasn't in my thoughts when I was awake. So, what started to happen? One or more of my cats started to urinate on my brand new couch. At first I worried bladder infection immediately, and tried to figure out which of my cats was doing it. How would I figure that out? I know now I could isolate them one at a time in the bathroom with a box, but then, I was just freaking out. I caught one of my cats, who wishes to remain nameless, wet footed. After talking to my friends who are also experts on cats, Billy and I decided we had to change our setup first, and then also clean the cushion with an industrial strength enzyme cleaner. So, we added another box, which we really should never have gotten rid of, and cleaned the cushion twice with enzyme cleaner. Now, knock on wood, we haven't had any problems. If that hadn't worked, the next step would have been the vets.

Which brings me to Miss Penny. Doesn't she look cute in her 70s style picture? A week after we figured the cat problem out, Billy went on vacation. Penny urinated in the house three times that weekend. Now, Penny is a sensitive dog, and changes in routine or schedule throw her off big time, and for her to do this in reaction is not too unusual. The week following this started my summer break, and I didn't notice her acting unusually, and she didn't have any more problems. Until last Saturday, when she did it again, twice in one day, both times when Billy and I were both gone more than five hours. This prompted a trip to the vet on Sunday. The vet ordered a urinalysis, which I am waiting for the results on currently, nervously and anxiously. He said we will start there, and then make our way through other possibilities. The only other thing we have noticed is more frequent bathroom stops on walks.

Does this stretch our budget thin? Of course, especially since Billy is unemployed. Should Penny suffer because of this? No, it is not her fault. Should I have surrendered all my animals to the pound, and said that one of them is urinating in my house? Of course not, although so many people do. They don't bother to find out why - and the answer could be as simple as cleaning a litter box and adding one, or a trip to the vet. And if we have to cut back to pay for the vet visits, so be it. I just want my animals healthy and happy.


  1. Erin I am hoping all is fine with Penny! I agree animals are part of a family. If out moms were to get sick would we drop them off at a nursing home and never see them again or think twice about it? NO!!!! Why would we do that with our animals? Harmony and Love Bug are still different since we have had Lila. We go out of our way to give them extra attention but that still is not enough they act deprived, they claw the furniture, jump in Lila's crib, out laps when we are feeding her. Would I bring them to the pound? NO!!! Although, at times frustrating I realize they are going through a huge change and I deal with it and actually feel really bad for them. People are crazy!


  2. Thanks Janel, you know me, I am very worried about my Penny girl. :(

    Animals are family, that is exactly it. Your cats will adjust with time, I am sure. They just need to figure out what is happening. :)

  3. It took my cat Figment about two years to adjust to Slade when he was born. She was nearly a year old when he was born. Also, I agree. We love our animals and they are family. If your child was sick, you would do what you could to cure it, that's what ppl should do for pets. Ppl are ridiculous in their thought process when it comes to their "four legged family members"! Oh there's a problem? Time to dump them at the pound because we are too lazy to get them to a vet or too broke yet can afford mcdonalds every day:( That is my rant for today;)

  4. Good for you for sticking my your animals! Your dog may have developed incontinence, this is a common occurrence among spayed female dogs, if so, it'll just be medication. I hope Penny is okay though! I used to work at a dog kennel & have a dog of my own, so I love animals (only crazy people don't though...)

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  6. Thanks for your thoughts, and for your concern! :)

    As an update: Penny's urinalysis came back that she didn't have a bladder infection, but her urine is dilute and thin. I took her back for a full blood work panel, which also came back perfect. Tomorrow she goes to the vet for an 8 hour test for Cushing's Disease; if that is ruled out, then it is either beginning stages Kidney Disease or incontinence. :( All thankfully, are treatable with medication. Now I just have to be a nervous Nellie all day tomorrow while she is at the vets!

    Thanks again for stopping by and for your words of advice, Delaney. I happened to see a pic of your dog I think on Wordless Wednesday- so cute!

    I am a huge animal lover, and volunteer at my local animal shelter - where of course my four animals came from. :)


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