Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This May began in a circus of energy that has not slowed down for one second! I have had mini-pockets of peace here and there, but for the most part I have been running to and fro like a crazed energizer bunny. (or is the energizer bunny already crazed?) The picture is my cousin's daughter, who with her fiery hair and energy is almost the embodiment of my month so far.

It started with our book fair, which I already mentioned briefly. This is a huge fundraiser for our library, a week long event that involves a lot of overtime on my behalf -and the hard work of my family and friends who are kind enough to assist me. It paid off this year for certain, we made more this year than any other year previously. I hope that this is a sign that the economy in our area is boosting a little bit. Michigan could certainly use the boost!

It is also nearing the end of the school year, which involves a change from my normal routine at work - we are adding in ordering for next year, inventory, and most importantly, the rounding up of all overdue library books. Doing this always makes me feel like the meanest person on earth, hounding students for their books or their money to pay for a lost book. Unfortunately, if we didn't follow up, the school would be out at least $1500 in books a year! And considering that is just a bit more than we make per fundraiser, we would never have any new books. So, it is a dirty job but a necessary one. I have also been working more assignments in my role as a freelance contributor for the Wyandotte Patch, where I shot the city's Spring Fling event, Cinco De Mayo Festival, and most recently the city wide garage sale. I love going out and mingling with people; I have found that most are pretty accommodating about having their pictures taken, much more than I would be! I hate having my own taken.

In between all of this working that is going on, Billy and I have been carving out moments of peace. We had a perfect weekend a few weekends ago, when we visited nearby Crosswinds Marsh. We left our home early in the morning, and managed to catch the marsh at a perfect time. We saw Barn Swallows, gaggles and gaggles of goslings, swans nesting, an eagle near his nest, and the weather itself was exactly right- warm with a breeze. It was a great day, and I hope that this weekend we will get a chance to go to Oakwoods Metropark - I find that when my life turns hectic, a walk through the trails there are enough to clear my head and reconnect with Billy and the natural world around us.

If only it doesn't rain! It has rained here almost everyday, so fingers crossed for another beautiful day over the upcoming weekend!

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