Wednesday, September 21, 2011

August Book Club - The Story of the Eye

 Hostess: Alyssa

Book: Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille
Food:Leek and Jalapeno Salmon, french bread with goat cheese and pear (and jalapenos on half), cake
Wine of the Night: Lula B.
Month: August

Never let it be said that we are a timid and tame book club- we are bold and unafraid.  Alyssa told us that this was a book that could never be unread, and she was right- once this book is in your head, it is there forever.

This book is pretty controversial, and I don't recommend it to everyone.  Read about it first before picking it up.  It did spark a lively book club discussion though!  Everything in the book is memorable, and there is never a dull moment.  To me, I feel the book is about hedonism and freedom, even when that freedom borders and crosses into deviance - sexual and social.  The author explains in the back of the book some of his motivations for the book; I would love to know more, and plan to research even more deeply into the reasoning behind it.

We had a special book club this month- we were officially congratulating Mary on her pregnancy! I know that I am hoping she has a girl and names her Erin- what a great name. ;)  Alyssa bought a special cake for Mary, that we all got to enjoy. I should have skipped the cake, after the million pieces of bread with goat cheese and pear that I ate.  I could eat that everyday, it was so good!

Next month (September) is Mary's pick, and we are reading Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote. 


  1. I will keep this book in mind -- after I finish the stack I'm collecting! :)

  2. I read the blurb on Amazon...the title made it sound like a psychology or biology book...but I see it is, although in an entirely different way! I am most intrigued so will eye this one up soon (ahem parden the pun) after I finish the Horse Whisperer (an entirely different type of read indeed!). I used to read a bit of Henry Miller and Anias Nin a few years back, they can make for some interesting reading too, Cheers Bird, x


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