Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Most Perfect Fruit {52 Photos Project}

"Whisky and apples go together. Fix me a drink, darling. Then you can read me a story yourself." 
(from Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1958)

The photo prompt for this week was the color red.  For me, in autumn, red means two things- changing leaves and apples.  I personally love apples, I think they are the world's most perfect fruit.  Satisfyingly crunchy, healthy, filling, easy to eat with one hand while driving or reading.  Perfect.  Although I have never had apples and whisky. 

Part of the 52 Photos Project.


  1. I've never had whiskey and apples together either although I think they would go together. Apples, apples, apples. Yes, to apples for red and fall. Lovely photo.

  2. This is something I must try ~ apples & whiskey. Maybe warming a bit of whiskey with sliced apples & cinnamon? Ok.. I'm on that!
    Love your photo this week. I'm such an autumn girl.

  3. Wonderful photo! The PERFECT autumn fruit! I love that apples can be done in so many ways. I'm not a whiskey girl but maybe the apples would help. ;)

  4. Luscious photo! ~Perfect for 52 PP ~ thanks ~ namaste, Carol ( A Creative Harbor)

  5. gorgeous! makes me crave an apple pie!

  6. Those are sacks of autumn happiness :) How about sipping on a cup of hot apple cider while watching the autumn leaves drop? Yes, love autumn :)


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