Saturday, September 10, 2011

Joy Pockets

~ morning bike ride
~ bonfire with friends on a cool evening
~ early trip to the apple orchard
~ 7 adoptions in one night at the shelter!
~ surprise invitations to breakfast and dinner 
~ listening to the rain at night as I fall asleep
~ book club
~ goat cheese, pears and toasted bread
~ staying in pajamas late in the morning on the weekend

joy pockets

Joy Pockets is brought to us by Bohemian Twilight, to help us find the joyful moments in our lives.


  1. bonfire with friends, rain at night...these are some of my faves. good choices!

  2. Yay to the 7 adoptions at your shelter : ) we dont have shelters here in Turkey so my husbands office bathroom is currently home to a mummy cat with a hurt leg and her 7 babies : )
    Love the rain at night so soothing cleansing.
    have a lovely weekened x

  3. bonfires and goat cheese, pears and toasted bread. excellent.
    and 7 adoptions YAY


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