Friday, August 5, 2011

Honor and Family

On the dock- I like to sit here and just think
 Last week I visited northern Michigan, to the Beulah/Honor area.  My brother and I left the house at 5 am, and hit the highway, giant coffees and bagel thins in hand. This is an annual tradition for our family, one that recently became a tradition for us with our father's marriage to my awesome stepmom about 10 years ago.  Her family however has been visiting the area and staying in the same cabins for 20 years. I feel so lucky that we have been invited into this family, and that we can now share their family traditions, and make them ours as well.  This year my cousin, her two children, my aunt and my grandmother made the trip as well.
Taken by the fabulous Jill Moore on the lake by our cabin

About halfway there I realized I had forgotten my camera!! I pouted about it for a while, seeing all these great shots go by and me with no way to take them.  After a day, I realized maybe there was a reason I had forgotten it- perhaps I was supposed to fully immerse myself in this trip.  When I have my camera and I am taking photos, I don't always experience all that is going on, I am in my own world, and really seeing things through the lens, which creates a barrier between me and the my surroundings.  Without my camera I spent hours playing with my little second cousins and nephew Brayden, which I might not have done otherwise.  I got to know them better, and I will always treasure that, memories I will always have.  The pictures I have included were taken in previous years.

We were only able to stay a short time this year, but we did a lot in that time.  Most of my favorites and a few new things too!!  I won't bore you with paragraphs and paragraphs but instead will share them this way.

Top of the biggest dune
 Early Morning Kayaking on the Platte River
The Cherry Bowl Drive-In
A. Papano's Pizza
Boone Docks
L'Chayim Delicatessen
Bug Room!
The Cherry Hut
The Sand Dunes
Crazy hair
Miniature Golfing

Sunset over Lake Michigan, pre-bonfire
What I missed:

Billy and Chrissy!
Jill and family
Bonfire on the beach
Traverse City

I am looking forward to next year, and more memories.  I will probably bring my camera, but I will make sure that my experiences are not all through the viewfinder.

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