Saturday, August 13, 2011

Joy Pockets

 Finding joy in the small moments

~ time with my nephew and his wonderful smile
~ plums
~ new haircut
~ purple nails and toenails
~ helping my friend celebrate 6 years in the United States
~ breezy days and cooler nights
~ fresh air and open windows
~ laughing until you cry with loved ones
~ free books in the mail
~ merry go rounds
~ Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes


  1. What a lovely week!!

    I'm really enjoying the cooler nights and breezes through the windows. Free books - awesome!!
    What is an Irish car bomb cupcake!?!?

  2. Great writing Erin and the pictures, as always, are super. Your nephew looks very sweet and I know he enjoys his time spent with his Auntie Erin♥

  3. Awesome photos and they say so much about the joy in your life! Thanks, Carol ^_^

    Come by and visit Share the Creative Journey for my Joy Pockets ~ thanks,C

  4. i love all your pockets, i'm a big fan of air and open windows... but omg... free books in the mail!? my fave. ;)

  5. Amanda- my brother's girlfriend made the cupcakes. They are chocolate, with guiness, baileys, and whisky being three other ingredients. With a ganache filling. They.were.fabulous.

  6. landing a fantastic performance evaluation and having your boss tell you she likes your work;

    cooler summer days where I can actually think straight;

    freshly clipped dog nails walking SILENTLY across the wood floors;

    my birthday - no matter how old I get;

    The resulting homemade birthday cake - dark chocolate with white sticky frosting.

    Is this too self-centered?

  7. I love the photos, the turkey is fab, really made me smile! and those cakes sound AMAZING!!

  8. the irish car bomb cupcakes sound interesting. laughing til you cry is great, I usually remember those moments for years!

  9. I am so happy about the cooler nights, too. Yum for the cupcakes. Yippee for free books! :)

  10. Okay I am intrigued by Irish car bomb cupcakes!! Free books in the mail--paperback swap perhaps? LOVE paperback swap :). And breezy days and cooler nights, I want some!! Great joy pockets.

  11. This is the link for the cupcakes -

    They are awesome!!!

    Belle- not too self-centered at all!!And the dog nails one? I need that! It is past time for Penny, and her click-clicks are driving my bonkers. Lol.


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