Saturday, August 27, 2011

Joy Pockets

Finding joy in the small moments

~ Detroit Zoo Summer Zoomance
~ time with husband
~ gazpacho and panzanella
~ walks with Penny
~ yoga
~ winery
~ buying a stack of books at 50% off
~helped a few of our shelter cats and dogs, including my favorite Bailey, find homes!

Bailey has been adopted!


  1. That is so great about finding homes for the cats and dogs! Sweet.

    Just visiting via Joy Pockets...

  2. is it too predictable that my fave is "buying a stack of books at 50% off"?

    a Zoomance?? :)

  3. Okay, I'm going to have to work harder at this, this week! Joy is not flowing out of me:

    Jobs for myself and my husband (unemployment is all around me).

    A house and enough money to buy food for 2 growing boys.

    Health - none of us have had to go to the doctor for anything major for a good long time.

    Blogs like this to remind me to be thankful.


  4. I love that photo! Dark and mysterious.

    I wish everyone who decides to be a pet parent would adopt from a shelter. 50% off books - nice!!

  5. Monica, the Detroit Zoo had a "zoomance"; it was an adult only evening event, and sold adult beverages. It was a good time!

    Belle, I had to scrape the barrel too I felt! It was one of those weeks. I hope this week is better for you!


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