Saturday, August 6, 2011

Joy Pockets

joy pockets

Joy Pockets is brought to us by Bohemian Twilight, to help us remember the joyful moments of our week.

~ husband's birthdays
~ friends to help you celebrate
~  flowers 
~ yoga
~ books so good you can't stop reading
~ cat napping with cats
~ hearing a friend's good news
~ lunch with a friend and her daughter
~ goldfinches in my lavendar
~ county fairs


  1. Goldfinches are like little circus birds - so bright and acrobatic lol! Some of my favorite birds :)

  2. Love when you can't put a book down!! Celebrating with friends and county fairs - so awesome!!

  3. Oh my husband doesn`t celebrate his birthday and I wish he would! I too love a good book which is impossible to put down and hearing a friend`s good news is so wonderful. Have a great weekend!

  4. Those are such lovely things to be joyful about!

    Joy for me:

    Looking my husband and falling love all over again - for real.

    Sharing a laugh with my boys.

    The busyness that is my life.

  5. I love, LOVE goldfinches and lavender! What an incredible combination. Oh, a book that you just cannot put down, hooray! :)

  6. Belle, your joys are wonderful joys! Love and laughter, can we really ask for more?

    I keep trying to get a picture of the goldfinches- they have almost decided that they can land in the lavender while I am near, but not quite. Lol.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and your thoughts~

  7. "books so good you cant stop reading"!!! I am doing that right now with The Help!! I was worried when I started it a couple days ago I wouldn't finish before the movie comes out. I was so wrong :)....
    and goldfinches in the lavender, that would have made me smile too :).

  8. "books so good you can't stop reading"
    ah yes, sigh...

    too hot here for yoga, and we have guests, but i am looking forward to getting some in soon.

  9. you had me at cat naps.....:)


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