Sunday, August 28, 2011

Michigan Living

Billy and I have had some extra time to spend together these past four days, and it has been wonderful.  This summer has been so busy, that we neglected to have time just together.

Thursday we went to the Detroit Zoo Summer Zoomance, which is a special adults only event in the evening.  They have adult beverages for sale as well.  It was our second time attending, and both times were so much fun!  I learned that seals have many vision problems, like cataracts, and can go blind early on.  We met up with our friends Leah and Dan, shared many laughs and had a fabulous dinner out.

Saturday we visited a local winery, Sandhill Crane.  We love to go there and just sit on the wide, low slung porch tasting all 35 of their wines, and just relaxing and hanging out.  You can sample every wine on their list for $5, but if you buy a bottle, that is waived.  We of course bought three bottles. It is a just a slow day, a good time.  Later in the evening we stopped by a friends house, where we talked and talked and laughed.

This morning we spur of the moment jumped on our bikes first thing, and biked to our downtown area and just sat outside enjoying the beautiful morning and a cup of coffee.  It was like being a tourist in our own town, and I think we are going to make this a tradition.  It was a nice calming way to begin the day - the sky was blue, the breeze was comfortable, the sounds of the morning were church bells, and then later, we could hear the choirs singing - where we were sitting was kind of a church triangle, we were surrounded by churches on three sides.

The bike ride took me back to when my mom used to ride around with me on the back- we would ride everywhere like that.  My mom was a daredevil , and occasionally would yell back at me over her shoulder  to hold on, as she would go flying down a giant hill at top speed.  It was terrifying and thrilling all at the same time!

I had a great few days- and all right here within 90 miles of my home, or closer! Sometimes you just need to look around.

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